Since 1973 Codice Citra has produced wines that express the different terroirs and microclimates of the region. Citra wines are estate grown and bottled from a collection of family owned vineyards in the lush and various microclimates of Abruzzo’s Chieti province.  Passed down from generation to generation, these families maintain small vineyards, some with just one hectare, with passion and personal care. The vineyards’ finest grapes are handpicked and blended by world-renowned enologist, Riccardo Cotarella, to express the true beauty of Abruzzo.

Location of Vineyard

The vineyards have been passed down from generation to generation and have been cared for with love and passion for decades. These family owned properties, some with only 1 hectare, create a mosaic of small vineyards stretching north to south along the Adriatic coast and east to west from the sea to Majella Mountain. The range of climate and topography offers unparalleled quality and variety. There is a unique climate condition in this territory. When the warm wind blowing from the adriatic sea meets the cool air coming down from the mountains, the temperature drops blowing a cooling wind through the valleys to the sea. This phenomenon is called “brezza di terra” and provides the perfect climate for vine development.  Winemaking process from vineyard to bottle led by world-renowned enologist Riccardo Cotarella.

Winemaking Philosophy

"I spent these days in a deep quiet. Lying on a boat in the sun. You know these places: they are divine…" - "Alcyone" by G. D'Annunzio, an Italian Abruzzo poet.   These wines originate in the area of land between the sea and the mountains of Abruzzo.  Made with fruit of man's love and sacrifice and expressing the unique terroir of the region.  The strong bond with the territory is evident in the company’s name, chosen by the founding members in 1973. The word Citra is a Latin adverb meaning “beyond,” and was the name of one of the two Principalities in which Abruzzo was divided, dating back to 18th century, before the Italian unification.



from Citra

Citra Cabernet Sauvignon Terre di Chieti IGP

Cabernet Sauvignon

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Citra Chardonnay Terre Di Chieti

Chardonnay & Chardonnay-based Blends

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Citra Merlot Terre di Chieti IGP


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Citra Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOP

Montepulciano & Montepulciano-based Blends

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Citra Pinot Grigio Terre Di Chieti

Pinot Grigio/Gris & Pinot Gris-based Blends

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Citra Sangiovese Terre di Chieti IGP


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Citra Trebbiano D'Abruzzo DOP

Trebbiano & Trebbiano-based Blends

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