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The meaning of the Latin expression Laus Vitae is “Praise to Life”. It is the title of the first book of Laudi, one the most important works of Gabriele D’Annunzio, the prominent Italian poet born in Abruzzo.  Each sip of this wine is a celebration of life. 

Location of Vineyard

Grapes are grown in high altitude vineyards, at 900+ feet above sea level, and on 40-year-old vines.  Winemaking process from vineyard to bottle led by world-renowned enologist Riccardo Cotarella.

Winemaking Philosophy

Grapes are hand-selected and hand-harvested.  After soft pressing, a long maceration of the skins at a controlled temperature.  First refined in stainless steel vats and later in big oak barrels, until reaching a high structural complexity for further refinement in smaller barrels.


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