Orma is the acclaimed wine made at a single estate of the same name in Bolgheri, coastal Tuscany’s premier wine village. Originally purchased in the mid-1990’s by Arezzo-born business mogul, Antonio Moretti, Orma is said to be ‘well-born’ due to the estate’s location next to Tenuta dell’Ornellaia and amid the towering cypress trees of the famed Via Bolgherese. With a profile that finds equilibrium between power and finesse, Orma reflects both the unique terroir and the ambitious spirit of its territory.

Location of Vineyard

The Orma estate is located in the district of Castagneto Carducci within the Bolgheri DOC, and is home to only 5.5 hectares of well-exposed and carefully tended vineyard. Plantings of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc are brought to full ripeness by the brilliant summer sunshine for which this part of Tuscany is renowned. Gentle and consistent sea breezes keep the vines ventilated and free of rot despite dense plantings of 2,960 vines/acre. More than any other characteristic, however, Orma's vineyards are defined by their soil. Here, the soil is composed of a high proportion of sand and pebbles with considerably less clay than other coastal areas in Tuscany. This yields a well-drained growing environment in which vines are required to dig deep for buried water reserves. The result is a richly defined wine of power, concentration, and character.

Winemaking Philosophy

Antonio Moretti was born in Tuscany and built success across a variety of industries such as luxury goods, fashion, real estate, and finance. And while these endeavors drew Mr. Moretti around the globe, it was the connection to his roots that brought him back to Tuscany. The Orma property was purchased in 2004 by Mr. Moretti with the intention of adding to the cannon of top quality wines that define Bolgheri as the winemaking jewel of Tuscany’s coast. Since the wine’s debut vintage in 2005, and with the consultancy of talented winemakers and agronomists coordinated by Dr. Moretti, Orma is well on its way to being recognized the world over as what it truly is: One wine from one estate that is second to none.



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