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Poggio Scalette takes its name from the landscape, which is characterized by dry, stone walls supporting terraces on which the vineyards and olive groves are planted. From a distance the impression is of a series of stairs climbing the slopes of Greve. After the death of its previous owner, Poggio Scalette remained abandoned for years until Vittorio Fiore, one of Italy’s most famed winemakers, discovered the property in 1991 with his wife, Adriana. In 1996, 42 additional acres of land became available, enabling them to expand. It was discovered that the plot of land known as Il Carbonaione was the first area to be replanted after World War I (1914-1918), which means these vines, more than 90 years old, are a rare example of the original clone of the famous Sangiovese di Lamole variety in the Chianti Classico area.

Location of Vineyard

The slopes of the Greve Valley are without question some of Italy’s most ideal locations for vineyards and olive groves. The combination of exposure and soil composition contributes to the excellent quality of the wines and the extra virgin olive oils of the area. Named for the river that passes through as it travels from a medieval hilltop town, this area happens to be one of the most important historical centers of the Chianti Classico region.

Winemaking Philosophy

Il Carbonaione, Poggio Scalette’s signature wine, is the culmination of knowledge and experience and therefore an important message of quality. Vittorio Fiore dedicates this wine to Tuscany and to Sangiovese — the region and the variety that have allowed him to fulfill his aspirations to produce superb wine.



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