Steinig is the brainchild of Fritz Miesbauer, whose aim is to deliver typical Austrian character in fresh, clean, easy-drinking wines for the international market. During the course of his illustrious career, Miesbauer has overseen a multitude of wine growers at the Wachau’s famed Domane Wachau cooperative. More recently, he revived the quality reputation of the historic City Winery of Krems, Weingut Stadt Krems. A master at finding good reliable source fruit; Miesbauer vinifies the grapes into the modern Steinig label offerings. The wines are finished and bottled at Weingut Stadt Krems, but the project is considered independent from the City of Krems.

Location of Vineyard

Grapes used for Steinig wine are supplied by a group of young vintners whose vineyards line the Danube river. It is important that the grapes are completely healthy and, above all, not overripe, so that they can fully express the coolness and freshness of the Austrian climate. Miesbauer handles the grapes in a traditionally gentle way, so the wine will reflect as much authenticity and origin possible.

Winemaking Philosophy

What typifies a Steinig wine? Imagine yourself in a small wine tavern in the countryside. A pitcher of wine is placed on the table, so brilliantly clear it almost appears to be spring water. You pour it into a tumbler (no fancy stemware here, this is country wine!) and the first sniff is citrus. Refreshing, with a charming acidity, a quaff calms your thirst and before you know it you reach for the pitcher again. This reflection of everyday Austrian wine culture is what Miesbauer brings to the Steinig Grüner Veltliner. Depicted on the label is a stone wall, signifying the agrarian nature of the wine’s roots, and soaring above is a Swift surveying its domain.



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Grüner Veltliner

Grüner Veltliner

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